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  CSO Boards    
  Board of Directors  
  (as of September 1, 2013)    

James E. Schwab, Chair

Leonard M. Randolph, Jr., M.D., Secretary

L. Timothy Giglio, Treasurer and Co-Chair of Finance

Louis D. Bilionis, Vice-Chair of Community Engagement

Francie S. Hiltz, Vice-Chair of Leadership Development

Dianne M. Rosenberg, Vice-Chair of Volunteerism

Rosemary Schlachter, Vice-Chair of Patron Development

Thomas Stegman, Vice-Chair of Facilities *



Stuart Aitken
Kathleen Barclay
Paul M. Booth
Iva M. Brown
Trish Bryan*
Otto M. Budig, Jr.
Harold Byers
Myra Chabut
Mark D. Cinquina
Christopher C. Cole
Peter G. Courlas
Alvin H. Crawford, M.D.
Dennis W. Dern
Sally Dessner
David R. Fleischer, Jr.
Mrs. Charles Fleischmann III*
Susan S. Friedlander*
William A. Friedlander
Thomas Charles Garber
Jane Garvey
Sabine Geissler
John L. Harrison
Joseph W. Hirschhorn*
Sandra F.W. Joffe
Lois Jolson
David Kirk
Kevin Kline
Ronald A. Koetters
Marvin Kolodzik
Peter Landgren
Tad Lawrence
Lisa deHart Lehner
Spencer Liles
Patricia Gross Linnemann
Jonathan McCann
Robert W. McDonald
Sue McPartlin
Linda Freiberg Miller
Stephen R. Mullin
Christopher Muth
Kathleen Nies
Cora K. Ogle
Eric V. Oliver
Robert S. Olson
Santa Jeremy Ono
Marilyn J. Osborn
Jack Osborn
J. Marvin Quin II*
James B. Reynolds*
Melody Sawyer Richardson
Sandra Rivers
Jack Rouse
Ryan Rybolt
Ann H. Santen
Jeffrey S. Schloemer
Pamela Scott
Edgar L. Smith, Jr.
Matthew Q. Stautberg
Randolph L. Wadsworth Jr.*
Nancy Wagner
Nancy Walker*
Diane West
Sheila J. Williams
Stacey G. Woolley
Honorable Tyrone K. Yates
Shau Zavon

*Director Emeritus

Board of Overseers
(as of September 1, 2013)

Charles F. Yeiser, Chairman §
Romola N. Allen §
Dr. Compton Allyn
Martha G. Anness §
Katy Barclay
Bartlett & Co., Laura L.
Ellen A. Berghamer §
Mary M. Bergstein
The Besl Transfer Co.,
Kelly M. Dehan
Louis D. Bilionis and Ann Hubbard
Anne Black
Mrs. Herbert Bloch, Jr.
Rosemary H. and Frank Bloom §
Fay Boeh
Dr. and Mrs. John and Suzanne Bossert §
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Bryan, III §
Mr. Otto M. Budig, Jr.
Mary Alice Burke §
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Burleigh
CCI Design, Mr. Thomas Garber
CFM, Ms. Jamie Jewell
Myra and Lou Chabut §
Chemed Corp., Sandra E. Laney
Coney Island, Victor W. Nolting
Corporex Companies, LLC, Mr. William Butler
Peter G. Courlas §
Susan and John Cummings
Katharine M. Davis
Amy and Trey Devey §
Jim and Elizabeth Dodd
Nancy and Steve Donovan
Mrs. David Ellis, Jr.
Ernst & Young, Mr. Scott Trosset
Emory P. Zimmer Insurance Agency, Baker D. Bahlman
Harry and Linda Fath
Mrs. Charles Fleischmann
Susan and William Friedlander §
Frost Brown Todd, Ms. Jill Meyer
Dr. and Mrs. Harry F. Fry
Mrs. Philip O. Geier §
Sabine and Werner Geissler
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Giuliani
Priscilla Haffner §
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hake
David G. Hakes §
Tom and Jan Hardy
Mrs. Anne P. Heldman §
Robert and Patricia Henley
Mr. John H. Hermanies §
Alison Goss Herschede
Mr. and Mrs. L. Thomas Hiltz
Marilyn and Joe Hirschhorn §
HORAN, Terry Horan §
The Huntington National Bank, Lou Fender
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Joffe
Johnson Investment Counsel, Mr. Dean Moulas
Lois and Dick Jolson
Mr. Mace C. Justice §
Barbara and Larry Kellar
Dr. and Mrs. Lionel R. King
Florence and Ron Koetters
Marvin P. Kolodzik §
Kroger Company, Ms. Katy Barclay
Ladislas & Vilma Segoe Family Foundation, Mr. David Ellis
Louis Levin
Mr. Daniel R. Lewis
Mrs. Carl Lindner
Calvin and Patricia Linnemann
LPK, Mr. Jerry Kathman
Mrs. Vladimir Lukashuk
Luxottica Retail, Rob McCoy
Macy’s, Mr. Matthew Q. Stautberg
Rhoda Mayerson
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan McCann
Laura Kimble McLellan §
Merrill Lynch & Co., Mr. Mark Holcomb
Messer Construction Co., Kathleen C. Daly
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Miller
David A. Millett
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Mok
Monarch Construction, Mr. Ron Koetters
Mr. and Mrs. James Monroe §
Steve Mullin
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm C. Myers
Anne Nethercott §
Ohio National Financial Services, Mr. Gary T. “Doc” Huffman
Santa Jeremy Ono
Marilyn and Jack Osborn §
Farah and John Palmer
Paycor, Bob Coughlin
Joseph A. and Susan E. Pichler
PNC Bank, Kay Geiger
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC, Evelyn L. Cole
Marvin and Terry Quin
Irene and Dan Randolph §
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Randolph
Marcus Relthford
Rendigs, Fry, Kiely & Dennis, Mrs. Pat Fry
Edward J. Requardt §
Vicky and Rick Reynolds
Melody Sawyer Richardson §
Ellen Rieveschl §
Elizabeth and Karl Ronn §
Mrs. F. B. Rosevear §
Jack and Moe Rouse §
Ann and Harry Santen
Ms. Emalee F. Schavel §
Mark S. and Rosemary K. Schlachter §
Jeffrey S. Schloemer and Marcia A. Banker
Digi and Mike Schueler
Vivian and Jim Schwab
Dr. and Mrs. Carl M. Sedacca
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Skidmore §
Michael and Donnalyn Smith
Barbara Sporck-Stegmaier
Tom and Dee Stegman
Mary S. Stern
Ted and Carol Striker
Taft Stettinius & Hollister, Mr. Jeffrey Schloemer
Ralph and Brenda Taylor §
Malcolm Thomson
Towers Watson, Ms. Amy Connolly
Toyota Motor Eng. & Mfg. Co., N.A., Inc., David Fleischer
U.S. Bank, Mr. Stephen Mullin
UBS, Mr. Troy DeBord
United Dairy Farmers,
Mr. Brad Lindner
Sallie and Duck Wadsworth §
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Ward §
Debie and Joe Warkany §
Ginger and David Warner
Gary and Diane West §
Western Pacific Holdings, Chiun-Teng Cheng
Western & Southern Financial Services, Mr. Don Wuebbling
World Pac Paper, LLC, Edgar Smith
Don and Carol Wuebbling
Eric B. Yeiser
Betsy and Alex C. Young §
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Zimmerman


§ Denotes members of The Thomas Schippers Society. Individuals who have made a planned gift to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra are eligible for membership in The Thomas Schippers Society. For more information, please contact Conrad Thiede at 513.744.3239.

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